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30 Amazing Pieces of Alphonse Mucha Paintings

zodiac Alphonse Mucha Paintings

Alphonse Marie Mucha, born in 1860 was a Czechoslovakian artist. He was known principally for his painting, yet had different abilities including instruction, fine jewelry making, sculpting and printing. He was besides a talented publication craftsman of famous lithographs. He had a life time enthusiasm with religion and mystery and an impassioned enthusiastic enthusiasm toward his own particular nation. In ... Read More »

20 Figurative Watercolor Paintings by Charles Reid

Watercolor Figurative portraits Charles Reid

Charles Reid is a teacher, author and artist known around the globe. He has created eleven books on painting which are steered to understudies at all levels. His utilization of wonderful clean shade and his catch of light make a look of freshness and spontaneity that promptly gets your faculties and brings you into his work. His drawing abilities are ... Read More »

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