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25 Graduation Quotes and Inspirational Sayings

25 Graduation Quotes and Inspirational Sayings

Graduation is considered a very important phase of a person’s life. This is the time of life for a man when he moves from being a dependent student to being an independent person in the world of professionalism. A man becomes much more mature at the time of graduation than the day he was when he first started his time in school. Many friends are made throughout school for any person but have to leave the day to day interaction with them after graduation. The time of graduation is celebrated by every student on his or her graduation ceremony, where all the friends gather for one last time to celebrate the friendship they had over the years. To celebrate the day of this importance, many graduation quotes are given here for the people who are experiencing the wonderful time of graduation.

Education is extremely important for any person who wants to survive in today’s world. This is for a fact that it has now become virtually impossible for any person to compete in today’s economy without having a college degree. One important thing which every person should do is that he should learn newer things continuously in his whole life. Graduation is the process which gives a many what he needs to learn to survive in this world. However, one should always remember that the process of learning is for a lifetime and one should not stop learning newer things just for the fact that he has graduated. Enjoy some of the graduation quotes here.

college graduation quotes

college graduation quotes

Roosevelt graduation quote

roosevelt graduation quote


opportunities graduation quote

Bill cosby quotes

high school graduation quotes


inspirational quote on graduation

graduation is only a concept

motivational graduation quotes

spread your wings and fly

spread your wings and fly


dreams quotes

exciting time

graduation exciting time

Funny graduation quote

Funny graduation quote



Go Confidently



graduation quote

Dr. Seuss Quotes

Dr. Seuss Quotes

seuss Graduation Quote

seuss Graduation_Quote

another beginning


End of theoretical knowledge


quotes on graduation

quotes on graduation



happy graduation quote

happy graduation quote


dreams quotes

Funny graduation quotes

funny graduation quotes


inspirational graduation quotes

commencement speech


Funny Graduation quote

Funny-Quotes on Graduation

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