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30 Lovely Poems on Life Everyone Should Read

30 Lovely Poems on Life Everyone Should Read

This article here discusses some of the short poems on life. Life here is the one chance you get on Earth to live and function however the way you want. Life here should be enjoyed as much as a person can. One should live life at its fullest without hurting the people around them. Life is the process of moving along to prepare for the end, where all the deeds in life will be accounted for, whether they are the good ones or bad ones.

One thing to do is to live life at its fullest, and be happy in life. Happiness is the greatest feeling in the world. The world around a person appears much more enjoyable, if he is in a happy mood. When a person is happy, it means that he has gained all the things in his life which he has set the goals for. When you are happy and content, the inner peace to mind and soul is all yours. A person should set out to achieve his goals in order to get what he wants from his life and therefore should work hard to achieve what he wants in order to leading a happy successful life. One should not waste his life in unnecessary activities, although a little fun along the way brings no harm. Along the way in life, you will find many friends and loved ones whom you will spend the rest of your life with. When you become responsible for your own actions, you have the key to live life with full happiness.

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Here are some of the most beautiful words of great philosophers and thinkers in the form of short poems about life. Enjoy!

As the Day Goes

poetry about life

Beauty of Life

poetry about life

Cycles of Life

Poetry about life

Poems on Life

Poems about life


Poems about life


Poems on life

Life is a Journey

Poems about life

Life is Beautiful

life poems

Too Short

poems on life


life poems

Looks Different

poems about life

A Beautiful Story

life poems


life poetry


life poetry

Teresa’s Poem on Life

life poetry



Gathering of Life


Life’s Circle Game

Poems on life

Live for Today

live for today


Poems on Life



Stopping Place

poem about life

Poems on Life

poem for life

Think About Life


Poetry on Life


A Dream

poems about life

My Life

poems on life

Roller Coaster



Poems on Life recipe


wisdom of life

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  1. life is what God made it like this we have good times and bad times I’m really stuck on life poems like OMG

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