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Steve Jobs Quotes [36 inspirational quotes]
Inspirational and Motivational Famous Quotes

Steve Jobs Quotes [36 inspirational quotes]

Steve Jobs quotes are famous and considered inspirational among entrepreneur and those who are struggling with their start-up, as Steve Jobs proved himself a great entreprise builder and marketer having a unique touch of humour in his sessions. He was affiliated with companies like Apple, Pixar, Walt Disney and possessed a long list of products that are produced as a result of his innovative ideas and vision.

50 Cents for Showing

steve jobs quote

Apple Should be Apple

steve job inspirational quotes

Being the Richest

Being the Richest

Connecting Dots Looking Backwards

steve jobs quotes

Creativity is Just Connecting Things

Creativity is Connecting

Deciding What Not to Do is Also Important

Deciding what not to do is important

Design is How it Works

Design is how it works

Don’t Let the Noise Drown out your own inner voice

Dont let the noice drown you

Focus on Simplicity

Focus on simplicity

Getting Fired from Apple was The Best Thing

Getting Fired from Apple was the best

Have a Lots of Passion for What You are Doing

Have lots of passion

Remembering Death is The Most Important Tool

Ill Be Dead Soon Complete

Innovation Distinguishes Between Leader and a Follower

Innovation distinguishes

Keep Looking, Don’t settle

Keep Looking

Live Life Creatively

steve jobs quotes

Money Thing is Humorous

Money thing is humorous

My Favorite Thing in Life is Time

Steve Jobs money quote

My Job is to Make People Better

My Job is to

No One Wants to Die

No one wants to die

Old vs Young

Old vs Young

Who changes the world

One Who are crazy enough

You Have to Pick Carefully

People think focus means saying yes

Quality is More Important Than Quantity

steve jobs quotes

Life Hit You in The Head

Sometimes life hits you in the head

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Follish

Successful and Non-Successful Entrepreneurs

successful and non-successful entrepreneurs

If Today Were the Last Day of Your Life

steve jobs quotes

Way To Do Great Work

Way to do Great Work

It Better Be Worth It

We don't get a chance

Be a Yardstick of Quality

Yardstick of quality

You Are Going To Die

You are going to die

Your Customer Want Something New

You can ask customer what they want

Your Have To Trust

You have to trust

You Should Communicate Your Ideas

You should communicate your ideas

Your Time is Limited

Your Time is Limited Complete

Your Time is Limited (small version)

Yout Time is Limited

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