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30 Mother’s Day Pictures and Images 2014


Mother’s Day is one of the days of showing respect and love for your mothers. This is the day where people celebrate the greatest relationship in whole mankind which is the mother child relationship. This day is celebrated in order to honor mothers all over the world and embrace the feeling of motherhood and the maternal bonds all over the world. Mother ... Read More »

Steve Jobs Quotes [36 inspirational quotes]


Steve Jobs quotes are famous and considered inspirational among entrepreneur and those who are struggling with their start-up, as Steve Jobs proved himself a great entreprise builder and marketer having a unique touch of humour in his sessions. He was affiliated with companies like Apple, Pixar, Walt Disney and possessed a long list of products that are produced as a result ... Read More »

45 Entrepreneurship Quotes with Inspiration


Entrepreneurship demands a lot to be a good one in this field. Entrepreneur behave a bit different from other people and their working style doesn’t match to one who works from 9 to 5. There are many institutes and universities which are not only offering great degrees in entrepreneurship program but also giving some start-up bootcamp, practice sessions and hubs ... Read More »

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