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Bengal Tiger Pictures and Wallpapers Collection

bengal tiger wallpaper

The Bengal tiger is a subspecies of tiger, found over the Indian subcontinent. The Bengal tiger is the national creature of Bangladesh and is thought to be the second biggest tiger on the planet. The Bengal tiger is the most various types of tiger in Asia. It is found in thick woodlands and mangrove bogs and wildernesses all through India, ... Read More »

25 Most Beautiful Mosques Around The World

Beautful mosque aerial view

Mosque is the beautiful place for worshiping God for all followers of Islam where they pray to Allah five times a day. Muslims gather in Mosque at the time of prayers regardless of casts and creeds. Special attention is paid on the design and decoration of the mosques during construction. These beautiful mosques reflect great ability of constructors and depict ... Read More »

25 Incredibly Beautiful Penguin Pictures


Penguins are one of the most lovable animals on this planet. Penguins are mostly aquatic, flightless animals which are found in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in the cold continent of Antarctica. These animals are highly adapted for living in the water. These are one of the cutest creatures and possess, counter shaded white and dark plumage, with flippers as their wings. There are ... Read More »

25 Majestic and Beautiful Horse Pictures


Horses are the best animals for humans to rely on. Horses have remained faithful to humans for a long time now, and this relationship is constantly growing over the years. There are not many people in this world who do not love horses. It is a fact that horses are also capable of making a great pet, just like in ... Read More »

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